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Did you know that Melbourne has it's very own ASD focused radio show.  Tune into 94.1fm on Sunday mornings (fortnightly) to hear from Douglas and Jeremy while they talk about the latest ASD research, local and international ASD news stories and a bit of good old fashioned banter.  We love your work guys.  

Early Intervention at The Social Learning Studio

Our Early Intervention Programs are developed by Connie and Andria, and delivered via individual play based sessions, small group sessions, parent support and school consultation.  Our program goals and strategies are purposefully designed to facilitate the transference of newly learnt skills- from our practice, into children's home and school day.  Click on our Early Intervention link to find out more. 

Term 3 Dynamic Group Programs
Term  Programs coming soon

To All Group Members, Please click on the red button below to book your Indiviual Feedback Session for Term 3.  

Our Evidence-Based S.E.L Program for SchoolS

Social Emotional Learning Program for your Classroom.
- An engaging, evidence-based early intervention S.E.L program
- 8-12 week program for grade 2 to grade 6 students.
- Improves independent problem solving, improves peer relations, reduces conflict amongst peers, reduces incidences of bullying in the classroom and playground.
- Easy to follow lesson plans mean that training is not required.
- When delivered by a school psychologist/school counsellor, this program can help to promote your role within the school, and strengthen relationships with the broader school community, and their access to you
- When delivered by a class teacher, this program can offer a distinct teaching approach that can engender social development and respectful relationships across the entire curriculum. 

- Children's templates for relating to others, understanding friendships, difference and independent conflict management strategies are taught using enquiry-based discussions,  experiential learning and a shared language and skills set.
Note -
This program is not designed for children with social deficits such as Moderate or Severe Autism and is not suitable for children with an intellectual disability.  This is a whole class program for student from grade 2 to grade 6 within mainstream schools!  Find out more at our program website.