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DYNAMIC SOCIAL SKILLS GROUPS for kids, teens and alults, 

Speech Therapist
Bachelor of Psychology, Masters in Speech Pathology

Zilla is an early careers Speech Pathologist who is passionate about working with children and adolescents in developing their communication & literacy skills. She has a background in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy, in both early intervention and primary school settings. As a Speech Pathologist, Zilla works with children and adolescents to develop their communication and literacy skills in the following areas:

  • Speech:
    • Speech Sound Errors: Replacing a sound with another sound; Omitting sounds from words; Distorting a sound (e.g., lisp); Inserting extra sounds in words.
  • Language:
    • Receptive language: Understanding what others say
    • Expressive language: The language we use when speaking
    • Pragmatics (Social communication): How we communicate with others
      • For example, using appropriate body language, eye contact, proximity and altering the way we communicate depending on who we are speaking to (friend vs. teacher).
  • Literacy:
    • Phonemic awareness: Identifying individual sounds in words. This is a prerequisite to reading and spelling.
    • Phonological awareness: Identifying aspects of language such as words, syllables, initial and final sounds and manipulating sounds in words to develop new words.
    • Comprehension: The ability to understand and respond appropriately to written or verbal content.

Speech Therapy sessions begin with administration of the appropriate assessment(s) for the client. Results from the assessment(s), along with the client and their family’s goals, will help determine the best possible therapy to implement.