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Therapy Assistance

Our Therapy Assistants work with young people by giving additional support in the home or community, practicing the skills that the young person is learning with their Psychologist, Speech Therapist or Occupational Therapist. 

How do they assist in therapy?

Therapy Assistants work under the direction and supervision of our Clinicians to support individuals to achieve their best in areas such as social and emotional skills development, managing emotions, using effective communication, language and interaction skills and motor coordination skills.

Our Therapy Assistants support skill building by connecting themes learnt with a child's clinician during their sessions, with real life experiences such as catching public transport together, attending local sporting events, shopping independently, working on craft projects at home, cooking and more. By using the same language and concepts as introduced and explored with the child's clinician, we can support a young person to feel safe to transfer new skills learnt into real life challenges.

Social Learning Studio Therapy Assistants can also assist families with informal respite care.

Our Therapy Assistants are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and governed by the APS code of ethics. They engage in ongoing training with Practice Director Connie Buckingham, in addition to the supervision and program planning they receive from your child’s clinician.

To explore the appropriateness of a Therapy Assistant for your child’s program, please ask to speak with your child’s key worker at our practice.

Home or school based rate: $65 per hour inclusive of travel time.

At The Social Learning Studio we work with NDIS-self or NDIS-plan managed families.