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DYNAMIC SOCIAL SKILLS GROUPS for kids, teens and alults, 

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At the Social Learning Studio, we support children, adolescents and adults to gain the skills and confidence they need to improve their well being.

We believe in the importance of working closely with children and young people, their families, schools and other professionals. With this in mind, we offer:

  • a range evidence-based therapies and tools for individuals
  • a social skills group program designed to build a person’s social toolkit at every life stage
  • social and emotional learning projects for schools

Our practice brings together a mix of highly qualified, responsive clinicians under an integrated care model. This holistic approach means we have a diverse and comprehensive expert team to draw on, and cater to, the development goals of each individual and their family.

We also collaborate with schools across Australia. Our work in school communities empowers students, teachers and parents in a shared language and skill set that fosters positive student relationships and problem-solving capability. In doing so, it promotes positive shifts in behaviour, learning engagement, and connectedness to school.

Our practice is a quiet, private space inside a 1950's Brunswick building that was previously

a corner store and family home. Each room is purposefully designed to minimise sensory overload that can be experienced by people on the Autism Spectrum. Wall decorations are kept to a minimum, while colours and tones are warm and calming.