DYNAMIC SOCIAL SKILLS GROUPS for kids, teens and alults, 

Advanced Boys Group, Term 4 Program 2019

This terms group will have an opportunity to work together and build an escape room from scratch. Our participants will rally together, brainstorm, compromise, plan, coordinate and draw on one another's strengths to achieve one project outcome. 

These are not easy tasks, so we'll be drawing on social strategies to help us along the way. 

 Escape Room Series - Term 4, 2019
Advanced Boys Group, Saturday 12.30-1.30pm
Group Session 1
16 November 2019
 Group Session 2
23 November 2019
 Group Session 3
30 November 2019
 Group Session 4
07 December 2019
 Group Session 5
14 December 2019
 Individual Feedback Session

Individual feedback sessions will commence in January 2020.

Our groups are experiential learning programs.  That means that participants learn skills and concepts to help them to work in groups, then work together as a group to experience, explore and practice those strategies learnt.  This approach helps to consolidate their learning into memory, and also, helps to form new neural pathways to help participants take the same skill more confidently into other areas of their lives. 


$520 for the 5-week program and individual feedback session.  New participants are also required to attend three initial assessment and goal planning sessions, prior to commencement of the program. 

Participants with a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan:

A valid Mental Health Care Plan will also attract a partial Medicare rebate for the group sessions, provided that 6 or more individuals attend each session. The Medicare group rebate is approximately $20 per session. The final Individual Feedback Session also attracts a Medicare rebate of approximately $83.00.

Session summaries highlighting key concepts and strategies are emailed to parents/caregivers after each group session. Written reports at the conclusion of the program are charged at $140 each plus GST if requested. 


- If you enrol in the program, fees must be paid prior to commencement

- Participants are required to attend each session, however, please contact reception if you are ill and unable to attend. 

- If 2 or more participants fall ill, the group session will be postponed.  Families will be notified via text. 

- If only 1 participant fall's ill, the group will run as planned.  Unfortunately, the ill participant is unable to make up the lost day. 

- Participants are required to arrive 5 minutes prior to the start time. 

If you are interested in enrolling in one of our teen group programs, please complete the form below.  You will receive an email to confirm whether we are able to offer your child a place within this terms programs.  Numbers are capped for each program.  Enrolment is confirmed upon payment, prior to the commencement of the program.