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DYNAMIC SOCIAL SKILLS GROUPS for kids, teens and alults, 

This is an adult social skills group program for individuals with Level 1 ASD, or individuals who do not have a diagnosis but seek to fine tune their social style.  

This is an advanced program rich in participant led discussion, psychological theory shared by our program facilitator, and opportunities to explore and practice new skills.  

Importantly, this is a participant led program; That means that the program content is determined by the participants interests, questions and needs. 

The program is delivered by Connie Buckingham (Principal Psychologist).  Connie has developed and delivered advanced social skills programs to High Functioning ASD individuals for over 12 years. 

At times, our discussions occur while sharing food.  Food choices are determined by the group, either ordering in, or eating out, depending on the goals of the group at the time.  Meals will cost participants between $10 - $20 per session, above the cost of the program. 

If you would like to learn more about this program, and whether this is the right program for you, please call us at The Social Learning Studio or complete the form below. 

Meet Club- Term 2 2020
Thurdsay 7:30pm-9pm
This program is facilitated by Connie
Session 1
07 May 2020
Session 2
14 May 2020
Session 3
21 May 2020
Session 4
28 May 2020

Group Program = $350. Partial Medicare rebate available with a current mental health care plan. 

New participates are asked to attend an initial individual session with Connie, prior to commencing the group program.  This initial session is $165.  A partial medicare rebate applies. 

Individual development sessions are available with other clinician's within the practice ($150-$160 per session).  Partial Medicare rebate available with a current mental health care plan. 


- If you enrol in the program, fees must be paid prior to commencement

- Participants are expected to attend each session.  

- Participants are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time. 

- Email [email protected] if you are unwell and unable to attend a session. 

- Refunds are not provided for sessions missed. 

Please complete the form below to register your interest to enrol in this term 4 program. Places are limited to 10 participants this term.