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Session Number
 Date and Time
Session 1
Thursday 3rd Aug at 7.30pm
 Session 2
Thursday 10th August at 7.30pm
 Session 3
Thursday 17th Aug at 7.30pm
 Session 4
Thursday 24th Aug at 7.30pm
 Session 5
Thursday 31st Aug at 7.30pm
 Individual Feedback Sessions
 Each participant will be invited to book three individual appointments with our receptionist Melia.  Appointment 1: Setting up for Sucess. Appointment 11: Refining Goals.  Appointment 111: Feedback and Planning 

The Meet Club is an adult social skills group program for high functioning ASD individuals, or individuals seeking to fine tune their social style.  The program will provide a casual setting by which to get comfortable, familiar with one another, and then, explore some interesting themes.  The program will be delivered by Connie Buckingham (Principal Psychologist) and Jeremy Samson (Personal Trainer).  Connie has developed and delivered advanced social skills programs to High Functioning ASD individuals for over 10 years. Jeremy Samson developed the Time 2 Train Asperger's fitness program and has been working with all ages with ASD/Asperger's in movement, co-ordination and fitness for the past 9 years. Jeremy was winner of the 2016 Victorian Young Achiever Awards for Health & Wellbeing and co-hosts a Melbourne radio show called “On The Spectrum” every fortnight on Sunday’s.  

To best support people's individual needs, we provide two program options: Option 1 (Group and Feedback for $460) or Option 2 (Group and Individual Strategies Sessions for $618).  See below for further details. 

Option 1: Group and Feedback.  This includes an initial 20 minute meet and greet with Connie prior to the group start date,  5 week social skills group program and individual feedback session at the end of the course.  This option is costed at $460.  With a valid mental health care plan, a partial medicare rebate is applicable (rebate = $84-184 depending on the number of participates that attend each session).  

Program Cost: $618 for 5 (1 hour) group sessions and 3 (40minute) individual sessions.  Partial medicare rebate is applicable.  Rebate = $252-352 depending on the number of participants that attend each session).  


- If you enrol in the program, fees must be paid prior to commencement

- Participants are required to attend each session, however, please text Connie 0409 177 557 if you are ill and unable to attend due to illness.   

- Participants are required to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time. 

Enrolling in The Meet Club: Upon completing the form below, you will be contacted by us so that we can find out more about your individual needs.  We then group participants with similar social needs, similar language/comprehension abilities and similar cognitive abilities.  This process ensures that the program is pitched at a level to best support each individual and their social goals. 

Please complete the form below to register your interest to enrol in this term 3 program. Places are limited to 8 participants this term. 

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