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In 2015 Connie contributed to the Swinburne University Autism MOOC (Mass Open Online Course).  This is a free online resource for individuals with autism and their families, educators and specialists.  To access the full resource, click on the link Swinburne Autism MOOC.   As part of this resource, Connie spoke about 'Dynamic Groups' - the groups run at The Social Learning Studio.  Click on the video below to hear about 'Dynamic Group' programs.
At the Social Learning Studio we specialise in social learning in groups.
Social skills groups within the clinic are designed for children with high functioning autism, the shy, the anxious, the high tempered, the lonely, the bullied, and even the over enthusiastic. 

Social learning is layered with levels of simplicity (as required in early childhood), to complex and sophisticated skills (as those required in adolescence and adulthood).  For this reason, we offer a range of programs to support and encourage ongoing social learning across the life span.  In order to provide a continuity of care, individuals that join our practice have ongoing access to our program, with programs changing each term to reflect the changing developmental needs of our participants. 
All of our programs are research based, and many of the programs are built upon Connie's PhD candidature research of which the focus is social and emotional learning programs and the processing of social information.  Connie's programs can be referred to as 'Dynamic' social skills group programs, designed with the initial goal to engage the participants (primed for learning), equip individuals with explicit social concepts (understanding why abstract and otherwise obscure social rules exist), and provide real-life opportunities for participants to apply the skills discussed.  Skills are then consolidated (promoting transference) through practice and ongoing exposure and experience.

When ever possible, we seek out opportunities to formally evaluate the outcomes of our programs.  Last year we partnered with Dr Karen Stagnetti (Occupational Therapist) and her team at Deakin University to assess the social outcomes for participants involved in our respective programs.  The data demonstrated that students involved in our 'Movie Makers' program significantly improved their social communication skills after 8 weeks in the program.  We look forward to publishing these results together with Dr Stagnetti later in the year.