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Counselling at The Social Learning Studio

Connie Buckingham will not be providing counselling services this year.  Past clients seeking support are asked to email Connie for further details.


Kevin O'Neill provides counselling at The Social Learning Studio for teenagers and adults with Autism.  Kevin also provides couples counselling, mediation services and counselling for families that have newly received an ASD diagnosis.  More details can be found below. 

My Child has an ASD diagnosis.  What Now?

Having a child with an ASD diagnosis presents challenges for parents.  Often parents struggle to understand and accept the diagnosis and have concerns over their child’s behaviours.  It is common for the parents to be concerned about their child’s education, fears of isolation, sibling issues and whether the child will become an independent adult. These concerns can put a strain on a relationship, particularly if the respective partners have a different understanding of ASD or dissimilar behaviour management styles. 

Kevin uses a mediated couples therapy approach to help the partners to outline their issues, explore differences, develop options, negotiate and set agreed goals.  This process can take three to four sessions, leaving scope for a further one to two future sessions to assess progress and revise agreed goals.

Relationship Counselling.
When one partner has an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis
Many adults with Asperger's Syndrome have either gone through life undiagnosed or have only recently sought and received a diagnosis.  They have often felt different, experienced difficulties in the school or work environment and find many social situations uncomfortable.  However, many adults with Asperger's Syndrome have formed relationships and perhaps have children of their own but either recognise for themselves, or are advised by their partner, that they are on different wave lengths.   
We provide sessions on understanding ASD, how having an ASD partner may impact upon a relationship using a mediated approach that is structured and visual.  We then assists the partners from seemingly different worlds to coexist more harmoniously and successfully.

Specialised Counselling for Adolescents and Adults with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

Many ASD adolescents and adults struggle with anxiety, making friendships, forming relationships, coping with school, obtaining and maintaining employment.  We use a cognitive behavioural therapy approach to assist his clients to make sense of the world and how to adapt to engage in a world that sometimes seems daunting, confusing and unpredictable.