The Social Learning Studio

Dynamic Social Skills group Programs, Counselling, PD and Workshops

Andria Mavrikakis

Andria Mavrikakis is a specialised educator with over twenty years of teaching experience with children. 

Andria brings a unique skill set, and knowledge to the team at the Social Learning Studio, including the ability to fluently communicate in an additional language; Australian Sign Language (Auslan). Andria has a Diploma of Teaching, a Bachelor in Special Education with a major in hearing impairment and Deafness, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Deaf Culture and language studies.

Over her many years of experience, Andria has worked across varied educational settings including, Early Intervention, Special Schools, Special Developmental Schools, and Schools for Deaf Children.

Andria is dedicated to assisting children with language and social developmental needs.  Andria uses a play-based approach to connect with children and develop their social skill base. This approach specifically targets the development of children’s cognitive, behavioural, social and language skills.

At the Social Learning Studio, Andria provides programs for children aged 4 to 9 years (Early Intervention and Junior Primary School Aged programs). 

Early Intervention programs are individualised to each childs needs and can include; individual intervention sessions, school support, and small group therapy.  

The Junior Primary School Aged group programs are designed together with Connie Buckingham (Prinicpal Psychologist) and delivered under the Dynamic Social Skills Group Model.  

 Andria is also a leading facilitator of ‘The Friendship Saver Incursion Program’, for schools.